Monday, February 27, 2017

Highlights From Annie's Demo

Aside from a few initial technical difficulties, last Saturday's demo went exceedingly well. In just 2 short hours, Annie Stegg Gerard did an amazing amount of work. She showed us her sketches, demonstrated how she seals and tones her underdrawing, and then nearly completed a full Brunaille underpainting.

The downloadable version should be available within the next 24 hours for those who subscribed to our $10 Patreon tier.

If you would like a copy as well, it's not too late. Just sign up before the month's end.

***Come March, new sign-ups will be receiving March's download, NOT this one... so don't delay!***


  1. Who was the artist she said she loved? She said she liked her dresses and foliage but i couldn't make out the name.

    1. I believe she mentioned several, but Kinuko Craft was specifically brought up.

    2. She also mentioned 'Pre-Raphaelites' in general.


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