Friday, July 17, 2015

For the Love of Art

Balance       12" x 16"     Oil on Panel
by Donato

Ever have those days when there is not enough time to do what you want?  The way you want to do it?  I am treading that water now.

 I do not always get to create paintings I truly call my own, as my schedule is booked and I make my living with commissions for both commercial and private clients. But when the opportunity arises on a small window of time, I embrace the moment to make a different kind of art and fill it with passionate, focused work.  Knowing that there are these kinds of images and moments keeps me painting like a professional and delivering the work my clients expect of me, while i take the chance to experiment with these personal works.  Always my goal is to move towards that bright spot on the horizon, regardless if it is from a private, commercial, or personal work.

To keep my sanity, I am sharing a few paintings of one aspect of the art I love to create - that of hands.

UPDATE:  Forgot to add this new hand painting from the San Diego Comic-Con, Gandalf at Moria:

The Doors of Moria    12" x 16"    Oil on Panel

Fukushima   16" x 20"   Oil on Panel

Judgement    11" x 14"  Oil on Panel
Burdens         each 11" x 14"       Oil on Panel


  1. Donato I love this post- your ethos for forcing yourself to find the time to make the off-assignment work you need and want to make and brother, those HANDS! You give more character to a simple hand painting than most give to an orchestra of portraits. Will resist hand-oriuented puns.... must resist....

    1. Thanks Greg. Hands are like faces for me, so much character and depth. I think I could paint them for the rest of my life and never tire of the content...

  2. These are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I love hands, both in painting and in life. Although I'm not Bouguereau's most ardent fan, his hands take my breath away. Your hands are captivating as well. In this sampling I especially admire Fukushima. Thanks so much for sharing your work!

  4. Donato, Congratulations on your published artwork in the August, 2015, issue of Popular Science. The narrative it hints at is provocative in accomplishing its intent, and spurs my interest to read the book. I have followed your exquisite work for a long time, and really enjoy what I learn from your instruction and watching you paint on the videos I bought. Cheers! Marsha


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