Monday, November 4, 2013

The King

by Arnie Fenner

I'm busily packing artist copies of Spectrum 20 while also trying to square some details about Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3, so I'm going to let the work of others carry my load this week.

Recently I ran across a 5 part documentary about the King of Comics, the late Jack Kirby. If you're not a huge comics fan you might wonder why was—or is—Kirby considered the king? the videos.


  1. Thanks Arnie for this. Too bad he's only a king, though.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. RePosting to correct the address. Sorry for not getting this posted sooner, but if anyone is in Manhattan this week and wants to give it a look, check out the pop-up Kirby Museum. It will be at 178 Delancey Street this week (Nov. 4–10), daily from noon till 7pm.

    Events include: “Ya’akov Kurtzberg, King of Comics” by Arlen Schumer - a presentation by Arlen Schumer – Tuesday, November 5th @ 7pm
    A conversation with James Romberger – Sunday, November 10th @ 5pm

    Look for a bit more info at:


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