Friday, November 22, 2013

Alexandra Potter and a Tentacle

-By Serge Birault

Here's a picture of the lovely Alexandra Potter:

I've been very influenced by :
- George Petty : For the cartoon shapes and the pose.
- Hubert de Lartigue ( : For the tones and the soft light.

I did this picture last year, but I think I never shared the steps : 


  1. I like seeing all the little adjustments and choices you made! Moving her foot back seems like a small thing but it made the composition so much nicer. I love how sleek the final image is!

  2. Beautiful piece; I love how you aligned her arm and neck to create a stark straight line, it's a great contrast with the spirally tentacle. Great work!

  3. Any advice working on the light reflection for leather or vinyl fabric?

    1. Go to Serge's blog (just Google his name), in one of his older entries he shows you how he paints leather. He uses an interesting technique with layers.


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