Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big Damn Hard Bolied

-By Dan dos Santos


  1. I think it's damn inconsiderate of you to post these ultra cool books which are too hard to find under $10,000. Really I love these posts and want this book badly. Just don't want to pay so much. Any clues where I might find an affordable version Dan?

    1. used and still expensive for my taste, but check it out


    2. Yeah, it's tough.

      I have a lot of new books I can review... but there are other sites out there that already have good reviews of them.

      People expressed an interest in seeing some harder to find books, but the downside is they are expensive. I bought 3 books last week, all very recent publications and at cover price. Just 5 days later, each is going for over $100!

      It's kind of crazy how fast the prices jump.
      I did a post a while back about great books for under $15. One was a Repin book.
      That SAME book, just a year later... $400!

      I have a book in my collection (one of my favorites) that I bought at Strands for $35. It's now going for $10,000 on Amazon!!!
      I almost bought extra copies when it came out because it was so reasonable, and now I regret not doing so.

      Part of me wants to review these books, but then I wonder if it's of any use at all since they are so cost prohibitive.

    3. Btw, there are copies on Amazon for under $100. In all honesty, even if that was the cover price, I think it'd be worth it. It's a gem of a book.

  2. Nah, they're still nice to see. I look at the Ghent Altarpiece every day on my computer. Never will be able to afford it but it's nice to know it's out there. I still enjoy your reviews.

  3. I don't mind that some of these books are harder to find, they're still enjoyable. One thing that I'd like to see is a series of 'essentials' or something like that. Like, what is THE book on Rembrandt to get, or are there any particular instructional books that you think more people need to know about.

    1. That's on it's way, David. I've got some good instruction books that are seldom spoken of.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this review. Very easy to follow and it felt like a long but very convincing commercial. i want to get it!


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