Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Nemo in Google Land

If you haven't Googled anything yet today, you really should! 107 years ago today, Little Nemo in Slumberland first appeared in the New York Herald. Google has decided to commemorate the day with an amazing interactive homepage.


  1. Yes, that is so well done! Especially like the motion in the rolling / bouncing capsule thing. Great imagination, although that moon freaked me out a little. And all this in the split second when you feel like falling in your sleep. Wonderful!

  2. Wow, it's awesome that this google doodle reminded me of the 1989 movie! Until I saw this I had completely forgotten that I watched that movie as a kid. I remember nightmare land terrifying me!

  3. My favorite Google doodle yet! I love the interactive comic book style of this one, the colors are amazing, and it really does bring back memories of watching the 1989 movie, as James said.

  4. I live down the street from a monument to Winsor McCay — I live in his home town, Spring Lake, MI. Sweet to see Google so colorfully honor one of the fathers of (if not "the" father of) hand-drawn animation.

  5. Does Google archive these so we can continue to enjoy them in the future?


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