Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Draw the Nose

Two more videos in Stan Prokopenko's 'How to Draw the Human Head' series. We're almost done!

Previous videos in the series can be found here:
Head Part 1 (Any Angle):
Head Part 2 (Front View):
Head Part 3 (Side View):
Head Part 4 (Extreme Angle):
Eyes (Structure):
Eyes (Step-byStep):


  1. I love this guy, and I love his way of teaching. Thanks for introducing me to his awesome videos!

    1. I agree! And keep your eyes peeled... Stan has some big things planned.

  2. Great videos. Of all the features of the face, the nose is perhaps the most critical. Get that wrong and there's no saving the face. Stan draws quite beautifully, and I learned a few things about how to construct the larger planes of the nose.

    Dan, thanks for finding and posting Stan's videos!

  3. your are really creative and the video was awesome,thank you for the tutorial.


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