Saturday, May 12, 2012

Opening Tonight

Optical Allusions, by Bill Carman

If you're in the Southern California area, be sure to check out Bill Carman's new show Optical Allusions, opening tonight at Gallery Nucleus. The opening runs from 7-10pm PST, and the Artist will be in attendance.


  1. Bill, best of luck with your opening - gorgeous work!

  2. Ditto! All best wishes for a great show!

  3. Congrats Bill ... looks like you've sold few already!


  4. Lovely stuff that really inspires my curiousity Bill. Sure about Kansas?

  5. Thanks guys. Probably the strangest opening I've ever had. Few people but still some sales. The guys running the gallery are great.

    I wasn't prepared for SoCal after living here for so many years. NYC is easy. Get on the island and by a ride ticket but in the LA area everything is so far apart and you have to fight so many cars to get anywhere. Scary for a timid young man like me.

    Paul, unless they finish developing transporter technology I'm not going to make it. No ticket, no hotel. But you did make me cry again.


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