Saturday, May 5, 2012

Microvisions 7... Ending soon!

Just a reminder, the Microvisions auction ends tomorrow. Last chance to donate to a great cause, and snag some awesome art while you're at it! You can view the auction HERE.

The auction is now over. We raised over $6901.03, our highest grossing year yet! This money will go directly to some well-deserving art students. Thank you again to all the artists who donated their time to the cause.


  1. That John Picacio piece is a steal at $150. Gosh I wish I had the money. That is going to be one happy donator :)

    1. Ohhh it went for $381.28 not $150.00. I was trying to "snipe it" for $420.00, but my bid didn't go through. That taught me not to wait until the last second to bid! ;) I'll know better next year! :)


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