Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leo Dillon 1933-2012

Sadly, another giant has passed. Leo Dillion died Saturday, May 26; He was 79 years old. According to close friend, Harlan Ellison, Leo succumbed to a "...tumor on the collapsed lung, he never regained consciousness."

Friend, advisor, Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame Inductee, Spectrum Grand Master, and one half of an influential, groundbreaking, and unparalleled art team, Leo was simply the best. Our deepest sympathies to Diane and their son Lee for their loss.


  1. This is profoundly sad. The Dillons had a great influence on me and so many others. Impossible to categorize, and that was one of the best things about what they do. My sincere condolences to the family.

  2. So sad. I had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with both Leo and Diane on a couple of occasions as well as seeing them present about their work. Leo was nothing if not a gentleman and so humble also.What a huge loss.

  3. I have that print of Owl Woman hanging on my wall in the living room. It's been hanging in one room or another since the early 80s. He and Diane were a unique collaborative team, tremendously gifted.

  4. Sad news. I have loved and been inspired by their work since I was in art college.

  5. A tough loss for many of us, very personal for me. I became friends with the Dillons after inviting them to be our Artist-Guests of Honour at ConText'89 in Edmonton in June 1989. From 1990-2011, I was in NYC perhaps 22 times, and would always take an evening to visit them at their home in Brooklyn. Leo would always answer the door with, "Hey, how ya doin', kid?" Always made me feel welcome, always made me feel young. When I would leave, Leo would always walk me back to the Fulton Street subway station. I'm not sure I ever met people as kind and gentle as Leo and Diane Dillon. I last saw them in October 2011. My office and home walls are covered with prints and posters of their work. I will never forget Leo Dillon


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