Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Comic Book Day

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday May 5th, is Free Comic Book Day.

Go to your local comic shop, and you can pick up dozens of free comics, including the new Serenity comic I had the great honor of painting the cover to. You can read about it's creation HERE.

I received some advance copies in the mail yesterday, and I'm super thrilled with it. I am absolutely in love with Fabio Moon's interior art. On the flip side of the comic is a Star Wars story, with cover art by the amazing Adam Hughes.

Here are just some of the more than 40 comics that will be given away for free tomorrow.


  1. This is awesome! I am definitely going to try and snag this tomorrow!

  2. Got my copy of Serenity Dan- very nice!

  3. Our local comic shop restricts the free comics to 2/adult or 3/kid, which I think is a pretty good idea - it means that there are still comics left over for people who come later in the day. I think it's also important to support your local comic shops while you're there - don't just run in and grab a ton of free comics and then leave. Check out the selections and find something cool that catches your interest. I ended up walking out with a Dark Crystal hardcover.

  4. Bah I got to my local comic shop too late. They handed the last one out to a girl in front of me :(

  5. We got to our local shop an hour after opening and the line stretched out the door. The restricted the numbers to 5 per person. I don't know how long they lasted, but they had plenty for the crowd. I suspect most were gone by noon. My kids picked up new decks of Magic cards and the new Avengers issue.


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