Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Silmarillion: Glorfindel and the Balrog

By Justin Gerard


  1. And again amazed. I wonder how it would look like if done with oils.

  2. can't get enough of your drawings!
    even that last thumbnail sketch... wonderful lines... :)

  3. love all the silmarillion art you've been posting

  4. Oh my good this is amazing!!! I really enjoy how you make the balrogs, the texture of the pencils are just amaszing and glorfindel is so heroic on this picture, amazing!

  5. Dude, I love your style, you're amazing! That 3d scetch (the Balrog close up in the goldish colour) what is the material u've used? It looks rly good and a nice change from the boring traditional grey pencils I use all the time. Would love to try smth new :)

  6. absolutely speechless!!!

    i just want to know one thing, are all "silmarillion" illustrations going to stay the way they are now, or will they be digitally finished?

    i must say i really love them the way they are, where you can still see the sketchy pencils and watercolors.

    keep it up Justin!

  7. Very cool composition and I love the pose of the Balrog!


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