Wednesday, April 25, 2012


-Jesper Ejsing

It still feels like I just got back from the beautiful Stockholm. Even if it was already 2 days ago. I was teaching at a workshop there, called Northern Light. My great partners in crime of teaching were Petar Meseldzija and Justin Gerard. The reason why it feels like I am still kind of there, is because I brought one of the teacher back home with me.

These days I am enjoying the company of Justin at the studio. We are painting right in front of eachother and share thoughts, technic and criticism as well as bad jokes and stupid remarks…well I keep to the last and Justin handles the intelligent parts.

What is so great is that the both of us shows the other one what each of us thinks is so great about each other's technique. We are equally amazed at what the other one is doing.

I am trying to teach Justin to eat and drink like a Dane, and he strangely enough haven´t passed on anything I served him (even stuff no sane Dane considers real food).

It is a pleasure to have him staying and I wish he wasn´t going back when the week drags to an end.
More than ever, I regret that I am not attending the Spectrum Live.

Demo painting in Stockholm. Notice Justins ref of hairless monkeys. 


  1. Working together can always be alot of Fun. Enjoy your collaboration!

  2. We'll all miss you at the Spectrum Live show, Jesper! Wish you could make it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Gollorr… this was a very tasteless and disrespectful joke.

    2. Ditto to Petar's comment.
      This is a professional art forum. Let's keep it that way.
      If you don't have anything constructive to say, please don't say it.

    3. I am sry folks, I thought that since they are young lads a bit older than myself they may find it kinda funny but I guess my sense of humor is too childish. Apologies!

    4. Don't sweat it, Gollorr. We know you meant no malice. I too, have learned the hard way that crass humor doesn't go over so well here. Live and learn.

  4. I'm just curious about what you've made the poor guy eat and drink ...

  5. Even though I was sitting on the other side of Justin in this photo, I am still jealous that Jesper and Justin get to hang in Jesper's Underground Lair all week... miss you guys already. I didn't get nearly enough time peering over your shoulders...

  6. Justin - is that your pencil/brush case? Looks like it's handy and compact. I need to get something like that. Hope you guys had a great week of painting and drawing!


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