Monday, December 5, 2011

R.I.P. Darrell Sweet

It is with great sadness I report that Illustrator Darrell Sweet, best known for his Wheel of Time covers, passed away this morning at the age of 77.

Darrell created more than 3000 works of art in his lifetime, successfully spanning a wide variety of genres, including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Western, and Landscapes.

Read a bit more about Darrell's life, and his work, at


  1. Wow, what sad news, I cannot count the number of books I have bought because of his artwork on the cover. We will miss your genius sir.

  2. Rest in peace indeed. Thank you for the heads up :(

  3. Dan, Thanks for letting us know of his passing. His 1982 Tolkien Calendar is one of my prized possessions from my teenage years.

  4. The cover for "The Magic of Recluce" is one of my favorite fantasy covers of all time. Sad to hear about his passing :(

  5. This is very sad. Time just goes. Dugald Stermer, Anne Mccaffrey, Darryl Sweet. Rest in peace.

  6. One of my biggest influences. I would walk the F/SF section looking for his covers while growing up. A sad loss tot he field. I've been fortunate to see some of his originals as well, and they are truly fantastic to see. Thanks for the letting us know.

  7. That very morning I pulled The Runelords off my bookshelf for the first time in two years to take another look at the covers. What a strange coincidence..

  8. Not someone whose work had really registered with me, but I've just been looking at some and it's all very nice and enjoyable. I'm sorry to hear of his death but pleased to properly and belatedly discover his talent.


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