Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two Studies

Gregory Manchess

These figures were created just for me. Part of a series of figures on white surfaces that I've been meaning to paint for a long time.

Figure One was included in Rick Berry's group show in October, in Boston. I was happy to be a part of such a great bunch of painters. It's inspired me to continue the series.


  1. Brilliant Greg, great to see your progression from the dynamic portraits you showed in Amherst.

  2. wow, these are great! when you paint more of these please post them. Amazing

  3. Great work!
    When you don't have to try to please a client everythings flows better :)
    I think your brush strokes are even better in these pieces.

  4. I love the touches of blue and in awe of your value control. Beautiful work!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. oops... Mr Manchess, that is awesome. Your paintsrokes are already lively, but seeing them a little looser is so fun.

  7. im speachless, beautiful work

  8. Fantastic brushwork! Cool to see some personal work

  9. You do love paint don't you. And it loves you. It was an honor to be in that National Figures show with you. Only wish I could have been there to meet you and see all of the work.

  10. Fantastic Greg! Was this from a life drawing session?

  11. No mistaking it's paint.. fantastic to see that. Wonderful tactile, lively, living breathing work. Great to see someone who has taken hold of their talent and worked it to a level beyond.

  12. This is awesome man, great paintings!

  13. Thanks, you guys. So glad you like these. They are just as much fun to paint and stare at.

    I stare at them because at this stage, I wonder where that guy came from! Odd sensation, but this approach has lived within me for decades...only getting to them now.

    Anonymous: It is interesting to find there's more inside. I've never been one to think that I should find a style and then just always work that way. Certainly it's important to follow a direction, and of course it's good to have something people recognize as "yours", but I've always felt it was dangerous to get too secure in one approach.

    Doesn't mean that one should keep changing so much it confuses people, but there is a timing and a confidence level to be reached which allows an artist to break into other areas, push into other discoveries. It's a delicate balance.

    I think fine arts has pushed this idea beyond the practical. The idea that we strive to break boundaries everyday is in itself a way to remain complacent.

    When an artist is ready, there's no stopping it. It takes many years and much focus to do this.

    That's why everyone's comments feel good to me today. Time to push even further if I can...

  14. Sublime.
    My face is melted sir.

  15. These are ALIVE Greg. Putting life into a painting, specially with a looser brushwork, is truly a feat!

  16. amazing work!
    can't stop staring
    makes me want to paint.

  17. Good Pose, refreshing POV, and great paintings.
    Thanks for the inspiration and showing how you don't have to super accurately render the human form to express its essence. I am not trying to paint like you, but I am trying to paint like you....meaning I am trying to remember in all my paintings to allow, remember, respect, that the art viewer is going to bring a lot of human form knowledge with them when they look at figure work and that I don't need to put in every detail. It's hard for me to step back and do that. Cheers, Mike.


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