Friday, October 28, 2011

New Vid

by Eric Fortune

Today I thought I'd share a new video. I meant it to be a ten minute video. But it went into a little overtime. Sorry for all the "ums". I'm um gonna work on that. Below is a recent scan of the area I was working on.

Hope you find this helpful. As always, if you would like any clarification on anything I'm doing please ask and I'll do my best to answer for you.


  1. Awesome post, very insightful! Thank you for putting this together. I am curious though, what type of paper you're painting on?

  2. Lovely stuff, thanks for sharing!

  3. It is really cool to see how slowly you build up the skin tones- Thanks!

  4. Wow, so meticulous. You would love painting miniatures ;-) Guess the face in a painting like this 'deserves' such fine attention and skin tones can be fickle. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful stuff, and thanks for the peek into your process! Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to complete that painting?

  6. I'm glad you find it helpful:) I'll defintely post more. Perhaps at different stages of a painting so it's not always so similar.

    Seth- I'm working on Arches water color paper. I believe this particular piece is on 240lb hot press. I prefer my larger paintings on 300lb hot press because it doesn't buckle and warp as much. Although, the surface isn't quite as smooth. 140 lb cold press is great for smaller paintings around 15x20 ish, just in my opinion.

    Anon- this painting has been on the back burner actually so it's not quite finished yet.

  7. What kind of brush are you using? Do you feel that it makes a difference in what you use? btw great video :)

  8. Coincidentally, I just picked up a copy of Spectrum 6, and was reading through it this morning. Right there in the front, the mention of three Spectrum Student Scholarships - one of which went to a Eric Fortune of Columbus College.

    Stopped by for my morning Muddy Colors, and you had posted! :)

  9. Britt- This brush is a #2 round brush by Utrecht 234 white nylon sable. It's about $4 and is a pretty good brush. Be sure to check any brush you buy. Some are better than others even if it's the same brand in the same case. I don't buy expensive brushes because the residue build up of the acrylic ultimately makes them useless. But this is a good brush regardless and with proper cleaning after each usage can last through paintings.

    David- oh no! that was pre-photo reference. Hopefully, you can see the difference it made in my work. Perhaps, older art can be my next post..... if I can handle the shame.


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