Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gifts of Paper

You guys made some fantastic cakes! It was really hard picking favorites. So, we decided to add a few more prizes so that we could pick a few more cakes. We have added 2 prints by Jesper Ejsing to give away, in addition to our other 9 gifts.

The 11 recipients are:

If your cake is shown here, email us at:
Send us your full name, shipping address, and a link to the image above which belongs to you. Also, please list your top 3 gifts in descending order of preference, and we'll do our best to make everyone happy! No promises you'll get what you want, but we will certainly try.

Thanks again for all the wonderful birthday wishes. It means a lot to us.


  1. The Last Supper and van Gogh are sick! well done and well deserved.

  2. Agreed. And all done without pressure sensitivity, just digital icing and a few candles. Awesome!

    He-Man rules!

  3. ..But did i win something even if i'm Italian?
    (third cake)

  4. OK, I guess I get the Knucklehead Award. I somehow missed the link tot he cake maker and made my own cake. Have a look if you want:

  5. Nice!

    Greg, who doesn't like worms in their cake?;)

  6. ooh that is so cool, those are very original and creative cake designs, from all those I like the most the red dragon head and the Vincent Van Gogh cakes


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