Saturday, July 9, 2011

Iris Van Herpen

-By Dan dos Santos

Iris Van Herpen just debuted her Fall 2011 line during Paris Fashion Week. Her designs, which are obviously impractical as modern wear, are amazing feats of fashion engineering. Having studied under Alexander McQueen, she shares many of his same sensibilities, often utilizing ground breaking technology in order to push her designs beyond the realm of clothing, and into modern art.

Be sure to check out her website, it is an absolute gold-mine of inspiration! And to make it even better, she offers easy to download PDFs of all of her current collections, including the awe inspiring 'Escapism Couture', which can be downloaded here:

Some highlights of her 2011 show are below:










  1. These would be excellent reference for superhero costumes or fantasy/sci-fi wardrobes. Might be worth adding them to the reference files.

  2. These are awesome. Also totally practical, I would totally wear these to Taget ;)

  3. You always inspired and made me think the beyond amazing!!!


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