Thursday, June 16, 2011

IMC Visitor Day

This year's Illustration Master Class is winding down, as tomorrow is the last official day. Everyone is scrambling like mad to get their pieces looking as finished as possible before tomorrow's open house. Friday will be full of business lectures, book signings, lots of art, and a ton of smiles!

Tomorrow, Friday the 17th, is also designated as the official Visitor Day.

Perhaps you've been debating taking the class, and want a small taste of what's in store for you? Or maybe you want to see nearly a hundred works of art created by the next wave of up and coming illustrators. Or come just to meet some of the industry's best talents, like Boris Vallejo, Donato Giancola, Adam Rex and Iain McCaig... all of whom have originals on display.
Whatever your reason, you are welcome to join us for the festivities!

The Illustration Master Class takes place in Amherst, Massachusetts, at Amherst University, just a few hours drive from NYC. So take the day off, forget about work, and come enjoy yourself! More information can found on the IMC's official website:

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  1. I'll be there... really looking forward to seeing what the assignment subjects where, how people interpreted them, and all the different creative painting styles they used. Also look forward to seeing the people I met at last years IMC...

    For those who couldn't make the IMC this year (like me) Sidebar nation has some good interviews with James Gurney, Greg Manchess, Irene Gallo, Ian McCaig, Peter De Seve, and others. see:

    Sidebar podcasts are another way to extend your IMC experience, or get a sense of who these artists are. [I'm not associated with sidebar, but listening to their podcast this week helped me deal with my 'IMC2010 full week of being immersed in illustrated art' withdrawal symptons]

    Cheers, thanks Dan and Muddy Colors.

    part-time artist


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