Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spectrum Selections

The list of Artists who made it into Spectrum 18 is up!
Click HERE to see if you made it... Good luck!

And for posterity's sake, here is a jpg of the final list:


  1. thanks. . . I guess I'll try again next year.

  2. Thank you for posting the link. Guess I'll stop sending submissions, I'm tired of sending, spending the money, and getting shot down year after year.

  3. What about another book called 'Spectrum - the losers'?
    Or, two volumes 'Spectrum - Same Old' and 'Spectrum - No Cigar'.

  4. I'm 80% positive that is precisely how Dan looked when he found out he won a medal.

    80, maybe 85%

  5. No stephan martiniere?

  6. @Scott:

    White pants before Memorial day?
    What do you take me for?

  7. The color of the pants was the only part that was off. I can live with that.

  8. Yeah, whoah, just saw this now- I did look like that guy in retrospect. Congrats to all those that got in and to those that didn't, there are so many amazingly talented artists in this book, it's a tough crowd to elbow in to. A few of my friends and ton of my idols are in this book.

  9. I keep staring at it and can't seem to make my name appear on the list...

  10. Thanks guys, some of your humorous comments made me feel not so bad, and not so alone about not making the cut.

  11. I did see one of my pieces in the judging photos. I guess that's close...isn't it? There is some consolation in knowing that my work was briefly viewed by some of the legends of the business. Time to try harder and try again next year.
    Illworx is right. Great artists and tons of talent. I'll buy my copy like every year. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Fenner for such an inspiration.

  12. Thank you to Jeremy Jarvis of WotC, who sends in his (I would guess) favorite pieces every year, this way silly people like me who don't submit themselves get in as well. :)

  13. Holy Crap! I'm not sure how I snuck in with this group, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I almost didn't enter this year because I was so sick of entering competitions and getting denied year after year. Thank you Dan and Gregory for your encouraging posts about entering. I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't stumbled across your awesome blog.

    Also, I just got married this past weekend, and this makes for an awesome wedding gift!



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