Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simplicity in Design

-By Dan dos Santos

I just saw this poster... and talk about gorgeous! 
How can a simple red circle be so haunting and so poignant?
This poster, despite it's unfortunate connotation, is an amazing example of the great role symbolism plays in visual narrative.

Artist James White,  the brains behind Signalnoise, created this poster to help the Japan relief effort. You can contribute to the fund by purchasing one HERE. At just $30, it's a steal in my opinion. Plus, you get to do something good!

-via Boing Boing


  1. Hi Dan,

    Dice Tsutsumi, an AD at Pixar, has set up a donation site specifically for artists who want to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami called "Artists help Japan":

  2. Oh Lord, I love this poster. Thanks Dan!

  3. That's a fantastic poster indeed. Tim O'Brien, an Illustrator well known to the Society and to most Editorial illustrators, has a great sketch on his Drawger blog similar to this one. Thought I'd share with the link to the post:

  4. Beautiful design, I'm happy it's going toward a good cause.


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