Monday, March 28, 2011


by Arnie Fenner
Sometimes we forget that we (whomever culturally "we" may be) don't have a monopoly on ideas and art and goofy what-the-hell? fun. So it's nice to be reminded that people in other countries get wrapped up in creating art projects (much like we all have) that undoubtedly get the stink-eye from their neighbors and encouragement from their the big-ass robots posted on this Chinese SF fan site.
I haven't the slightest idea what they're talking about on the site, but definitely know that I'd like to drive the tank to work during rush hour.
And while I'm thinking about art that makes a BIG impact, I wish I could get Steve Kirk to re-do the exterior of my house the same way he did Harlan Ellison's (which Harlan happily refers to as "The Aztec Temple of Mars")...


  1. Too cool for words. Wonder what the material is. Ellison's one guy I wouldn't mind meeting and being abused by. By the way he got that house idea from me. Mine looks just like that only bigger.

  2. The tank is definitely grocery getter material in my city. Needs a hood ornament of some sort.

  3. The top one is IRONHIDE, the second one is JETFIRE and the third one is MEGATRON - from the Transformers series! They go on to create others like BUMBLEBEE and THE FALLEN on that wonderful link you shared! Thank you Arnie! This is GREAT! :D


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